Playing Cards, A Washcloth, and Gum Wrapper Hearts

As we wrap up our time in the Shiselweni region of Eswatini, we spent a beautiful day at Mgamudze teaching Bible study to women and children, visiting a homestead and delivering a BGR bucket, and finally finishing the evening with revival at New Hope Baptist where we heard an incredible word from our fearless leader, Jimmy! He’s back yall!

After revival, we had the opportunity to take a few of our Swazi friends home and say goodbyes for now. “See you later,” is the hardest phrase in all of Swaziland. Eswatini feels like a constant hello and goodbye wrapped into one. There is never enough time. As Gabby said today, “I’m leaving a piece of my heart here.”

Our hearts are busted up and bruised, but it’s in this fleshy, pulpy state that we get to see Jesus. Today we saw Jesus in playing cards – in a shared game of Swazi uno. Today we saw Jesus in a washcloth, lily white and clutched tightly in the red clay stained hands of a Mage, so grateful to receive it. Today we saw Jesus in a gum wrapper shaped into a heart sitting in the dash of the van left by a sweet team member as a reminder of Jesus’ love for us.

You cannot come to Eswatini and not leave a piece of your heart here. You cannot look into these precious faces, hear these angelic voices, and dance with these lithe feet and not leave a changed person. You cannot not see Jesus here. Our busted hearts tonight are evidence.