Growth of the Church

Church planting is at the very heart of the Gospel. The early church was made up of believers who grew the church from Jerusalem to Judea and Samaria, and ultimately to the ends of the earth. This spread can be singularly attributed to church planting, and bringing believers to new areas to reach those who don’t know the Gospel.

IMB Partnership

In conjunction with the the IMB, the Partnership has planted 24 churches in the last 20 years. On average, Swazis will walk up to three miles for a church gathering, anymore is too far. These plants have been strategically placed to fit inside of that three-mile mark. Although each plant was often started in a traditional homestead, the churches have quickly tried to move to a semi-permanent structure for gathering. This helps to establish its presence in the community, and provides a place of gathering and meeting for a community of homesteads.

As the Swazi churches identify areas for suitable growth opportunities, the partnership will devote time and resources to helping start new churches in both the Southern and Northern regions of Swaziland. These plants will be developed and fostered by Swazis to create sustainable churches for the future of the Kingdom.