Providing Space & Resources for Development

Infrastructure in Swaziland is both limited and costly; rural buildings are often made up reclaimed materials, mud, and rocks found in the bush, and cannot withstand the elements. In partnering in the construction of new church buildings and other structures, Bound Together is equipping Swazi churches to be sustainable. We strive to carefully and strategically build where the need is greatest, and not to just provide funds. The partnership will often match the contributions of the church itself, and provide labor during a short-term trip.

Construction in Eswatini

We have both completed, in progress, and planned construction projects. Each project ranges from weeks to years to complete depending on the size of the structure, and the fundraising efforts of the church. The majority of the Baptist churches do have at least semi-permanent structures and are working towards having permanent structures. These buildings provide not only space for worship, but also places of gathering during the week for the community, and space for our medical teams to have clinics during various short-term trips.

Our construction teams are available to partner with local churches to design and build structures from the ground up, and will often help complete an already started project. Each cinderblock must be poured by hand, and individually placed. This work is truly a labor of love, and means so much to the Swazi churches. The opportunity to work alongside our Swazi brothers and sister is not one the Swaziland Partnership takes lightly.