Pray With Us

Prayer is simply the single most important part of our ministry. If we are not praying for our ministry, and our Swazi brothers and sisters, then we labor in vain. Below is a current list of prayer requests, and updates as we receive them. Check back to this page often for new requests and answered prayers!

We also have a prayer guide available here. Fore more information on how to pray for Swaziland, contact us here.


Specific Prayer Requests

According to the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Regional Humanitarian Appeal report for June 2016, 63% of Swaziland’s rural population was food insecure. 350,000 people needed immediate food relief in a population of about one million rural people. The estimated total population in the country stands at 1.3 million people. Pray the people of Swaziland will have enough food planted to feed their families and provide food for all Swazis.

Continue to pray for the Swazi Baptist Convention’s preparations for the 2017 Swazi Baptist Easter Services April 13-16. Pray for a worshipful and fun children’s program with enough workers and plenty of children. Pray many will come prepared to enjoy worship and understand the reason for the Easter season.

Hello brothers and sisters in the USA. The kids need your prayers in everything they do. They travel when going to school so please pray for their safety. Sethu will soon begin first term exams, pray he will do well. Pray this will be a good year for our children. Sethu, Samkelo, Wenziwe, Amkelwe, Eyami and Sifiso send their greetings (as well as the two youngest in the family Siko and Sewakhile)!

Sipho’s name means gift but Sipho feels anything but a gift. Sipho is 17 years old and lives on the streets. He sleeps in the roadside market and baths behind the grocery store. At one time a man from Australia was helping Sipho attend school but the man moved on. Sipho had to leave school because he could not pay the school fees. He has learned to do wood working and desperately wants to be a carpenter. Sipho says, “My life is not good.” The unemployment rate in Swaziland is 40% and it is very hard for Swazis such as Sipho to find a job. Please pray the homeless and the jobless in Swaziland will have hope for the future. Pray Sipho and others like him will know that life is a gift from the Heavenly Father who can supply all their needs.

The AIDS pandemic has devastated the country of Swaziland in so many ways. Swaziland has the highest per capita rate of AIDS in the world. Pray for God to bring healing to this nation, and provide education for individuals about HIV.

Not enough drugs, not enough doctors (most clinics have only nurses), lack of compassion among those who are trained to care for he sick and hurting. Pray for God to raise up doctors in Swaziland to provide more and better access to healthcare for all Swazi people.