Today was a whirlwind, exhausting, thrilling, beautiful, spirit and light filled day in Eswatini. Today, with the help of our Swazi friends, we completed food deliveries to seven Baptist churches in the Shiselweni region, and it was glorious.

It was a slow start, because as many of you know, everything here runs on Swazi time.

This, however, was a blessing in disguise, as it lent us time to visit with a couple of our very special friends in town. These are precious moments that we can never plan for, and we are so grateful. We find Jesus in the unexpected change of plans.

After loading trucks down with rice, sugar, mealie meal, salt, cooking oil, and beans, we loaded up and visited each church, delivering parcels of food, singing, praying, sharing the Scriptures, and greeting our Swazi friends. This effort went into the night with our final delivery ending after sunset.

We finished the day with revival in Matsenjeni at New Hope Baptist where Bradley brought the word. It was a physically dark time, as the power wouldn’t work, but that didn’t matter. As Archer said, “who needs lightbulbs when you have the light of Jesus?”

The food we had the opportunity to help deliver brought such genuine, bright, joyful smiles to the faces of our hungry friends that we are breathless with the joy. These meals cost 30 USD to feed a family for one month. But you would have thought we brought gold, silver and precious jewels to Eswatini todsy. On this day, our Swazi friends displayed the light of Jesus to us. It’s so clear in the faces of these precious people. They show us what it means to rejoice with much, and to rejoice with little. They demonstrate the light of Jesus through their faith that He will provide. They display the light and love of Jesus through their praise of God as provider.

Today we provided the means for a gift – a gift of a parcel of food. We received far more than we gave today. We saw Jesus today in Eswatini, and He was beautiful. He was light.