Friends –

We’re in Swaziland!! Today we stopped at a glass factory and we were able to shop for a while; we also drove most of the country today, and we picked up Nono, one of our great friends here! She is a nursing student in the capital, Mbabane, and such a testament to the Lord’s goodness! We finally checked into our guest house for the week, and ate a fabulous dinner! Another great day in Africa!


The Details:
– South Africa and Swaziland are already VERY different; the cultural differences surprised me a good bit! 
– There are no self service stations in Swaziland, someone MUST pump your gas!
– Animals just roam the streets, and we LITERALLY ran into cows today! Thankfully no one was hurt! (including the cows!)


– Not even a little car sick today. This is the BIGGEST concern going on the trip for me, and Sea Bands worked y’all! 
– I SAW RHINOS TODAY! AND ZEBRAS! Most of you know my biggest sadness was my inability to stay for Kruger; the Lord provided for me in a big way today! 
– I also flew the drone for the first time today, and NO ISSUES! (aka I didn’t crash it!) All of the people surrounding us were fascinated and it was a great talking piece to tell people why were in Swaziland!

– Nono is so excited for us to be here; I will be interviewing her tomorrow, and she is so willing to share what God has done in her life! (Jimmy, Donna, she says hello and that she misses you all!!) 

Prayer Requests:
– Tomorrow is mainly a sightseeing day, but I will be spending lots of time photographing and shooting video of the countryside and the places we visit. Pray for equipment that works, and for great shots!
– Patience is already running thin for some of us, as we are exhausted (and we’ve just barely begun!) Pray that God would teach us with his gentle guiding hand, while providing us with abundance patience each day.

– Pray for Nono as she will be sharing her testimony tomorrow with me, and that God is able to speak through her!


Thankful for each of you, and the hope you have given me and our team! We are thankful for your prayers and your love!

With a fountain of joy at hand,

Swazi Partnership