We Made It! All is Well!

Friends –

We made it to Johannesburg, safe, sound and in one piece! Praise God! We are checked into BIMS for the evening, and will be leaving early in the morning (with a stop at Mugg and Bean, for those of you who have been to Swaziland) for the country. I am already overwhelmed by God’s grace…..he is showing new mercies as we speak!

The Details:
– They really do drive on the other side of the road! CRAZY! (Wayne made a wrong turn already into the opposite lane…Mom and Dad, I was in the other car! No worries!)
– The accents here are so lovely! They have such a gentle lilt in their tone, and everyone has been so helpful!
– Gas is SUPER expensive here, nearly $4.50 to the gallon!

– My luggage came! Also, the whole team was able to travel smoothly with no issues!
– We were able to get phones set up and rental cars with no issues!

Prayer Requests:
– We begin our travel tomorrow through long, winding country roads. (well, some roads, but mainly dirt paths.) Pray for the whole team to stay safe, and especially for me as I struggle with car sickness!
– Pray that God would soften each of our hearts towards the Swazi people. I am nervous about learning as much as I can about these amazing people, and I want to represent them so well to the rest of the world. Pray that the Lord would give us guidance and mercy in that!
– Pray for our team member, Scott Ferry, as he begins to prepare for preaching each day! He has a difficult task of community the Gospel clearly and effectively, through the use of a translator. He is excited, but nervous. Pray that the Lord would speak through his words, and bring many to himself!!

Thankful for each of you, and your texts, prayers, calls, and letters. May God give each of you new mercies today!

With hope,

Swazi Partnership