The Gap

What a day of ministry today was in Eswatini! The team spent the day in Mafucula with 100+ precious Swazis, learning, teaching, praising, and visiting! It was a beautiful day full of games, laughter, testimonies, teaching and more.

After a short but much needed rest at the guesthouse, we returned to Mafucula for a wild night of revival! Matt brought the word with Maggie and Heather delivering testimonies. It was a bold night full of praise to our faithful God.

Initially we planned lunch today for 60 people. We felt a little like the disciples feeding the 5000 when 110 of our brothers and sisters showed up for teaching and worship today! Looking at loaves of bread, tubs of peanut butter, and jars of jelly and realizing it is not enough is a gut-wrenching feeling.


In what can only be described as a miracle of faith, God stretched that lunch to feed the entire group…with room to spare. With halved bananas and thin layers of peanut butter, God took the loaves and fishes and he multiplied it. He fed. With room. Jesus showed up.

It’s in the gap between what we have and what we need where faith is found. Jesus stood in the gap for us today – in the form of peanut butter sandwiches, never ending nik-naks and neon bubbles. He took our need and smothered it in grace. Jesus LOVES us. He LOVES us. We are grateful to have a front row seat.