See It Now

Another sweet day in Eswatini for this team, with an early start, joining the Franson School’s morning assembly. Yvette brought the word, while Archer and Maggie shared their testimonies. After moving to Thunzini Baptist, Donna led a women’s bible study for the ladies of the church while the team fixed lunch, played with and babysat children, and fellowship with passerbys.

Additionally a small group had the opportunity to deliver a BGR bucket to a homestead, and these opportunities always bring such joy. The day ended with revival at New Hope Baptist where Matt brought the word, with festooned from Hensley and Donna.

Over and over again today we were reminded of the faith of the Swazis. America is a nation of great wealth, and certainly in comparison to Eswatini. And yet the faith of the Swazis burns far deeper than the spiritual death we see in America. They have something we do not: they know what it means to be full, and they know what it means to be empty.

We want to have faith that cries “hallelujah!” at a bar of soap. We want to have faith that thanks Jesus for every safe arrival. We want to have faith that prays with a Jesus filled hunger like these pastors do. We want a faith that finds contentment in simplicity like the Swazis.

Lord, we yearn for a faith like our Swazi friends. We desire to need you with reckless abandon. We ache to know you with that intimacy. Lord send revival, and send it now. Amen.