The team enjoyed another delicious breakfast, packed our suitcases and loaded them in a common room for a quick pick-up after church. Funny!  All three vans divided up and headed different directions collecting our Swazi friends for church.  After Wesley’s van collected Douglas and his family, they experienced their first flat tire on a tar road by the sugar cane factory.  The new tire was put on his van leaving us with one van with a spare. Riding on a prayer kept coming to our minds!  Folks were dropped off at church and vans went back on the dirt roads getting more people to church.  It is simply so far to walk that they need assistance.   Upon arrival, several of our team members finished the preparing the elements for the Lord’s Supper.  Sunday School had been delayed 50 minutes, so we simply began later.  Our team members taught all the classes.  Greg preached a powerful sermon that the Swazis related to very easily.  Then, Jimmy and Greg served communion.  It was a blessing and a huge learning opportunity for the all the churches represented.  Jimmy encouraged the congregation to participate in the Lord’s Supper on a regular base, not just when American teams come.  After church we were able to distribute pillow case dresses that were sewn in love for Swazi girls.  What a blessing the dresses are to these girls.  

Greg had a woman who he transported to church brought a bucket of cooked corn on the cob.  She shared with fellow believers after church.  Jimmy received a bag of 6 huge, fresh grapefruit in appreciation of our help transporting her and her family.  Now, Avis rental is coming to our location to trade out our van for a new one.  No Joke! Avis called to let us know it would be a 45-minute arrival time.  The grapefruit became our lunch along with snack food.  Over an hour passed by, so we loaded the van one more time at 5:30 pm and headed toward Mozambique to cross the border out of Swaziland into South Africa. We left the message to catch us at the border or we could not wait any longer.  The border closes at 6:00 pm at this location.  We went inside to get our exit stamp out of Swaziland and the Avis man drove up.  We emptied the van and put into the new van.  Jimmy had to sign papers, Matthew, Tripp and Carter helped move all items out of our van and into the new one.  Jimmy took a speedy quick crash course how to drive this van and we headed across the border.  South Africa had their gate closing for the night and we did not have a second to waste. They let us through and we were very thankful!  God is never late, always on time.  Thank you Jesus!  

Driving to our rental units/houses, we encountered beautiful animals on our property.  The owner showed us our accommodations and recommended a local place for dinner. She kindly called ahead to ask the restaurant to stay open for us.  When we arrived another large group sat down, so our meal took two hours before we were served.  Needless to say, we were hungry and tired.  We are excited about our day in Kruger National Park tomorrow.  Everybody needs this time for reflection and processing. Several members have beginning signs of a cold and congestion.  Fatigue has set in.  Please pray for health and quick healing.