Walking, Leaping and Praising God

Another gorgeous morning here in Mbabane with light jacket weather.  We arrived in Manzini excited and ready to serve the Lord.  Our first teaching session was given by Jack Cherry who role played Peter in full costume.  Peter spoke about his life as one of Jesus’ disciples.  The youth were captivated by the oral story telling.  Neighborhood children came inside the building to enjoy the stories also.  The second teaching session was led by Matthew Jordan.  Matthew talked about destiny.  His illustrations and delivery impacted the youth.  Lunch followed consisting of rice, chicken and vegetables. Yes, the same menu as last night, but the food is such a treat to our Swazi leaders.  We made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for our neighborhood children and served them Nik Naks, orange drink and a cookie.  Wayne Myers taught us well!  

After lunch our youth led us in games.  It is always a treat watching friends have so much fun and the laughter that comes from the fellowship.  Groups gathered to sing praises and it was beyond incredible! Words cannot describe what we experienced.  During this time, some of the team helped dress neighborhood little boys with some clothing that was sent by a doctor in Greenville.  Typically, we do not have clothing for little boys to offer.  Then, we gave every little neighborhood girl a new pillowcase dress.  Memorial Baptist Church in Williamston had sent these dresses with Greg and Lisa Barmer. We took photographs of the very happy children wearing their new clothes.  

The afternoon sessions began with gorgeous singing. Lisa, Joyce and Donna took the neighborhood children outside to teach Bible lessons.  Using a story cloth, the women taught from the beginning of the Bible to the ascension of Christ.  The children were so interested and listened to all 42 squares of stories on the cloth. The children answered Bible questions, sang songs and loved learning.  At the end of the lessons, four children accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior.  Praise God! Darkness was setting in and the children were encouraged to go home so their family would not be worried.  

Youth were inside the building divided into male and female groups discussing topics of interest including spiritual, and cultural questions.  The time was well spent together and receiving spiritual guidance from peers and adult leadership.  

Voices were raised in praise and worship followed by some amazing dancing and worshiping.  Youth parents, your children have some good moves dancing and worshiping. Joy! Joy! Joy in the Lord! Walking, Leaping and Praising God! Worship can be fun!  Worship is fun!  Worship is Holy!  

Before our last session began, two youth shared their testimony.  Sarah and Tripp spoke eagerly and boldly about their faith.  Greg Barmer led our last session of teaching.  He had the bases loaded with three great lessons and he hit clean up.  It was a grand slam!  Greg recapped the previous three messages and reminded the youth that in the Bible the church leadership should be the same today as it was in the first century. The theme of the YLR was Characteristics of Church Leaders in the 21stCentury.  His lesson completed the weekend.  Then, everybody enjoyed dinner together.  Dinner was rice, chicken and vegetables, again. JSeveral of our ladies helped in the kitchen again at meal time.  What a blessing they were to the Swazi youth leaders at every meal!     

As always, our good-byes took time and we left knowing we had been in the presence of the Lord.  Our team devotion tonight was led by Carter. Then, he led us in sharing God moments and ministry stories.  He did an amazing job!  

Keep your prayers coming!  Prayers are being answered.  

Swazi Partnership