Let Us Worship

The mountain view was compromised this morning due to smoke from the fires burning.  The heavy winds and dry season make fires spread quickly and easily.  The Department of Transportation does not mow, so Swazis take care of their unwanted, high grass.  Set the grass afire and leave it alone.  Jimmy and Matthew experienced low visibility this morning as they drove to Manzini to collect a translator and returned with seven Swazis needing a ride to the bus rank.  The other team members enjoyed a leisure breakfast and met a construction team from Fayetteville, NC doing construction work at the Kudvumisa’s new guest house with Daran and Teresa Rehmeyer.  God is at work!    

When the men returned, the two teams split with Jimmy returning to Manzini Baptist with a team and Greg going to Hawana Baptist with a team.  Greg, Lisa, Jack, Joyce, Tripp, Sarah, and Trina went to Hawana.  The church people are kind, loving people of God full of hospitality.  First Baptist folks hold a special place and deep love in their hearts for the church at Hawane.  Of course, there were Steve and Monica stories and updates told by Greg and Lisa. The church people loved every word and tears flowed as stories were shared.  The Allens served the Lord in a mighty way in this community and Swaziland. 

Our former IMB missionaries to Swaziland, the Myers and the Allens, are dearly missed in this land.  Their faithfulness in ministry work and investing in Swazi people is still evident.  We are constantly reminded and amazed as we reminisce about our own experiences with the missionaries.  Investing in the lives of the Swazi people is Kingdom building work.  A huge thank you to the Myers and the Allens for your Biblical foundational work!  The Swazis still need people beside them; to invest in their lives and in their walk with Jesus.  

The team members taught Sunday School for all ages. All of the Hawane choirs sang praises to the Lord.  Then, Greg got into the pulpit to start preaching at 12:30pm.  What would happen at FBC or any church at home if that happened? Greg delivered a beautiful message from Psalm 8 about David standing in awe of the glory of the Lord through creation. He reminded the congregation God loves us no matter what.  

Jimmy, Donna, Wesley, Elinor, Matthew, Hensley, and Carter went to Manzini to worship.  Some youth leaders from the retreat were still in Manzini and joined us for worship.  Even though the attendance was low, God was glorified through Sunday School lessons of all ages, music and preaching.  Jimmy got into pulpit at noon to start preaching.  He preached on the seriousness of sin.  Please pray for Manzini Baptist Church. Pray for unity, love, fellowship, Christian leadership and the members.  

Both teams arrived back at the Mountain Inn by 2:30 from worship.  Hannah Poe, Judy Bond, Maria Shandu, and Nono Ngidie joined some of the team members for a light lunch at Ocean Basket.  Lots of fellowshipping and visiting took place with our friends.  

Later, some other Swazi friends, along with new friends who reside in Swaziland, and the team had dinner together at the Mountain Inn restaurant.  We shared ministry stories and life stories with each other.  Our full Sunday of worship was sweet.  Thank you for your prayers and keep them coming.  We change locations tomorrow going to the southern region.  

Swazi Partnership