Jesus Loves the Little Children and All of His Children

Waking to the weaver birds singing on the beautiful grounds at Phumula Guest House is always a treat.    Norma continues to expand buildings to serve her guests. Breakfast was delayed this morning due to Hannah and Judy’s CBS leadership training team that filled the room. We gladly enjoyed the extra time and visit with each other and the leaders as they headed to their meeting. You know Jack Cherry, he did not miss the opportunity to meet most of the leaders as they walked to their meeting. He even tried to find their meeting place to listen in.  After our breakfast and a few stops in Nhlangano, we headed to Tshaneni, sugar cane country.   Daran, Teresa, Jesse, and Sarah met us for lunch at Simunye Club.  Jesse ordered our pizzas so we were able to eat and leave for a ministry opportunity. 

“Days for Girls” handout ministry was held at a local school in the sugar cane area near Vuvulane.  For former Swazi volunteers, the school was located across from a Baptist Church where Paul Bright started his rock stacking ministry with the children. The school had younger and older girls divided into classrooms singing as they waited for us.  The Rehmeyers’ staff met us there.  Hygiene lessons were taught and personal hygiene items in a plastic bag were given to the older girls.  Then, a hand-sewn fabric drawstring bag was given to them to put their items in for privacy.  The younger girls heard the Bible story about Zacchaeus from Carter who kept them captivated. Our team members joined in singing “Zacchaeus Was a Wee Little Man.”  Next, Tripp played on his ukulele “Jesus Loves Me” and we taught the song to the children.  The children had never heard the song.  The staff handed out a new dress made by Galatia Baptist Church members and community friends to every young girl in the room.  The girls were so thrilled.  They heard that the dresses were made in love and prayed over as they were sewn.  It was a privilege to deliver this blessing to the young Swazi girls.  

The team hosted local pastors, their spouses, and children at the restaurant at Managa Club.  The fellowship was sweet and the food was delicious.  The Rehmeyers, Jesse, and Sarah also joined us.  We took photos of the pastors and their families to share with our home churches.  Pray for these men, their families, and their churches.   Pray for Douglas Mavuso and his family and their need for a replacement vehicle.  His family was traveling last week and hit a cow that totaled their vehicle.  Douglas needs transportation for his work and ministry so he can transport people to church.  Douglas borrowed a truck to transport 13 people in a 3 person pickup. Many rode in the back without a cab a long way home on bumpy dirt roads.  

Lastly, on our way to check into the Managa Club today before dinner, Jimmy was leading the vans to the club.  He was telling us about getting a speeding ticket two years ago on the road where we were traveling.  Well, there was a speed trap and he received another ticket for going 70 km in a 60 km.  Our other van drivers had to pull over also and both received a ticket.  The officer asked Jimmy what was his speed.  Cracking jokes like “Do you believe in grace?” or “I was only going 62 km.” did not work.  The officer asked again, and Jimmy responded.  He repeated to Greg and Wesley, “You go 70.  You go 70.”  Then the officer told Jimmy that is 100 rand for you, you, and you.  Jimmy immediately said, “No, it is only 60 rand.  I know because that is what my last ticket was.” So, the officer said “Okay, you pay 60.” Greg and Wesley were astounded that Jimmy would try to negotiate the price of his ticket.  It worked!  We photographed the scene and the guys all holding their ticket.  We realize Wesley has never been caught in such a mess until he traveled with Jimmy and Greg.  We apologized to our sweet Wesley.  The entire team got a good laugh at the situation.  Enjoy the pictures!  Keep your prayers coming.  

Swazi Partnership