God is at Work

Kudvumisa Clinic, you are standing on Holy Ground at the clinic.  Daran and Teresa Rehmeyers are amazing people following God’s leading into their ministry. They have Christian leadership ministering to the local community with health care.  What an awesome story they have with this clinic!  God is at work and we stood amazed at what has been completed since last summer.  The clinic is clean with modern technology for health care.  The Rehmeyers have such a vision for their property so it can one day be self-sustainable.  There are many ways you can help the Kudvumisa Clinic and impacted people for Jesus. Check out their website.  Jimmy will gladly share additional information or get information for you about this ministry.          

After leaving the clinic tour, Daran, Teresa, Jesse, and Sarah joined us at a new local coffee shop for lunch. The Vuvulane Food Market was a real treat. If you are ever this way, be sure and stop in. J A local Swazi man returned home after his education to open some businesses in the area.  His shop was a real treat for a casual lunch.  It sits on the side the road near a bus stop.  He grows vegetables and herbs around the café for his lunch.  With a slow paced lunch, we enjoyed fellowshipping with our Kudvumisa friends. 

God is at WorkWe had an opportunity to rest and then head to revival services.  At the last minute, we became aware that the services were not going to be held at Vuvulane Baptist Church, but at Two Doors (Mnyangombili) which is a hard road to travel on and another 30 minutes away from original location.  We collected Douglas and family, then about 15 Swazi folks who wanted to attend the tent revival service.  All three vans were filled to capacity!  We arrived to the green and white Nita Purvis revival tent. It is always good to be wrapped in worship in this tent.  Wesley and Carter gave their strong and powerful testimony to a full tent.  Greg preached the Word and the Holy Spirit moved among the people.  We headed home on the rough road praying Greg’s van would not have another flat tire. Jimmy has been in constant contact for days with Avis rental and they have not gotten us a new tire or new van yet. We dropped the 15 plus Swazis and continued on.  Jimmy had another flat tire.  Really! Tripp and Carter literally raced to see who could start changing the tire first.  The guys cranked down the spare tire and other guys jacked up the car. Within a few minutes we were back on the road.  Now, we have two vans without a spare.  Our ministry work is back to the same area for women’s ministry and then revival tomorrow night.  This new situation may change our ministry tomorrow.  Pray for our vehicles.  Pray for Avis!  Avis needs to service our vehicles immediately.  We need tires!  Pray for safety.  Pray for the Swazis and our team members.  Thank you again for sending us to this beautiful country full of precious people.  

Swazi Partnership