Flexibility, Flexibility, Flexibility

Anybody who has been to Swaziland and reads the title knows exactly what we have experienced.  Our day started as a challenge.  Jimmy had to communicate with Avis rental about the tire situation and find a new tire.  Then, a pastor called letting us know that the congregation was not available for the women’s retreat.  We shifted schedules again and everybody went to Velebantfu.  Unfortunately, our team arrived hours later than originally planned. The Swazis were patient as always and happy to see us.   After greetings, praise and worship time, testimonies along with introductions, we were ready to begin.  The pastor wanted men, women, and the young children to all be inside the building for the teaching.  It was a treat hearing from Elinor Hunter, Wesley Adams, Jack Cherry, and Greg Barmer.  After the retreat, we gave the children little dresses that Memorial Baptist Church sewed and sent for the Swazi girls. We also treated the boys with some pants and shirts that a doctor in Greenville shared with us.  Joyce Hodges knitted beautiful lap blankets that we gave the women at the retreat.  The pastor received study books.  Everybody was thrilled!  

Jimmy and Matthew worked on getting a tire.  Avis decided to come bring us a new van as a replacement instead of a new tire.  Only in Swaziland!  Van or tire???  We just embraced it!  

Teams divided up for revival services.  The Mgamudze team were greeted with praise and worship.  Jack Cherry role played Peter. Jack (Peter) encouraged the people to accept Christ as soon as possible.  Wesley, Sarah, Matthew, and Tripp sang several songs with Tripp playing his ukulele. Youth were unable to attend due to exams.  They had a wonderful time worshiping together.  

The Zikhotheni team met on the homestead in a home filled with small children, babies swaddled on their mother’s back, and men and women.  The two small rooms were packed again.  This house church showed great hospitality and the love of Jesus. 

Then, there was the road to Maloma.  Yes, Greg’s team had a flat tire on the way to revival with daylight.  Praise God, the team did not have another flat on the way home with no spare.  God is so good!   Avis rental will be contacted again tomorrow.  Pray for us!  

Tidbits of information you may enjoy.  Carter Rains has never eaten/enjoyed peanut butter. Last night he was offered Nabs on the way home from Maloma.  He really ate them!  Can you believe it Wendy?  He previously mentioned he was hungry enough to eat the rabbit that crossed the road. It was a good night to try something new.  Carter is an incredible team member for many reasons, especially for being in a van two straight nights with a flat tire.  He was a pro tonight.  At the Bible study today, we had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Yes, Carter ate a sandwich and came back for a half sandwich.  This is a huge accomplishment.  Bottom line: everything is taste better in Swaziland! 

Keep those prayers a coming!  We see God at work and feel your prayers.  

Swazi Partnership