At the Edge of the Great Commission

Packed up and hit the road this morning leaving Mbabane and headed to Nhlangano.  We stopped along the way to shop for some souvenirs.  The market place is quite overwhelming and a cultural shock.  Some team members enjoyed the experience and a few retreated to a safe zone, the van.  We arrived at Phumula Guest House with our room confirmation papers in hand to find out they did not know we were coming.  After a quick recovery, Jimmy had us all rooms.  With no time to spare, the Maloma team jumped back in the van to start gathering translators for the team and other vans.  True Swazi style and more confusion and mix-ups, Jimmy found help for all three vans and then picked up equipment around town.   We went to three different churches to hold revival services.  

One group went to the edge of the great commission, also known as Maloma Baptist Church.  After an hour ride on the tar road, then 30 minutes on the washboard dirt road along with trenches filled with large boulders, the team arrived safely. The team was the first at the church. This church needs a construction team to build a roof on the block church.  As of now, a large tarp is covering the top.  Wooden poles cut from local woods are able to support the tarp. Leftover concrete blocks are a makeshift podium.  A very long cord runs from a nearby homestead to burn a single light bulb.  This congregation is determined to have a place to meet to worship.  Their original building was destroyed by ants and finally collapsed in a storm. The team knows a revival service is greatly needed in the community.  After a good sermon and worship, the team transported the pastor and his wife to their homestead.  The pastor walked to church and arrived late, because he and his wife walked for over an hour to get to church.  Shortly down the road with stars brightly shining and showing off the Milky Way Galaxy, we had our first flat time on the bumpy, washboard road. Simonga, Tripp, Carter, and Jimmy changed the tire and had us on the road under 15 minutes.  Tripp’s tire changing training with his dad became a very useful tool tonight.  Good job Mr. Ray!  When we arrived back at Phumula, we all gathered for stories and dinner.  

Mgamudze and Zikhotheni revival services went well. The smaller churches need such encouragement and the teams did a good job loving on the congregation.  Teams will rotate locations each night.  We will also have a women’s Bible study on Tuesday at two different locations.  We will see what else the Lord shows us.  

The team members are enjoying building relationships with each other.  Of course, we have funny stories to share.  We do want everybody to know that Jimmy Johnson lived up to his name.  He passed a bright red Ferrari on the open highway. Wesley Adams was determined to join the fun, so he passed the Ferrari also.  Both men loved it until the red streak flew by their dusty white vans.  We appreciate your continued prayers. 

Swazi Partnership