Where Words Fail

Another day of busy ministry friends! After an early start, we headed as a team to Francon School to lead their morning devotion. We can’t even begin to describe the sound of 200+ Swazi voices lifting up the Lord. WOW. Word fail to explain. We then headed to Maloma, one of the most rural churches in the Nhlangano area. We were able to lead a women’s bible study and the men blessed us again with lunch and service! Words fail to explain the power of hearing a Swazi woman speaking to her fellow brethren of the Gospel message! We also headed up a third night of revival services with sweet worship and fabulous messages of hope and freedom. Words fail to describe the power of the sound of a revival service in Swaziland.


Over and over again today, our breath was stolen from us. We are breathless, wordless, standing in awe of our creator God who is working so intensely in his Kingdom in Eswatini. We were witnesses to his power and unending graces today.


Our breathless awe isn’t such a bad place to be. Where words fail, the word of God can step in and move. Where words fail, tears and smiles can speak just as loudly. Where words fail, the spirit of God walks freely among his people. Where words fail, God lives. He loves. He leads.


When have you last stood in wordless, breathless awe of your creator God? When have you witnessed his power, his might, and his love? Join us in our palms up surrender tonight. We have found our freedom in Him. Christ’s death on the cross is our ultimate freedom; we are standing in awe of him tonight in the kingdom of Swaziland.

Swazi Partnership