Those Feet

What a day of ministry friends! We spent the day at Thunzini, teaching a women’s conference, visit and celebrating with old friends, and then hosted revival services there and at Matsanjeni! Revivals were awesome tonight, and we’ve seen God bring 9 news souls to himself! Praise God!

Teaching for the women was such a gift. The men on the trip served well by handling lunch and the logistics, freeing the women to love on the Swazis and to teach. We loved serving the Swazi women and they always give us so more than we give them.

As we were teaching and spending the day, some of friends children began to arrive from school to play and hang out. One little boy in particular was wearing no shoes. Our thought: where are the places those feet must have walked? Those little barren feet, who have seen more red clay than any of us ever will. Those little feet that have already known unimaginable poverty, hunger so deep it hurts in the bones, and the sting of death in his life. Those little feet have run the wild paths of Swaziland with far too many burdens for him to bear, known the paths of poverty and walked roads to graves to bury those that left this world too soon. And yet, here we are, sitting on one of those paths with those little feet, seeing the biggest smile on his face. His joy is overflowing at the sight of sitting with friends, laughing at beach balls and rubber ducks, and kissing cheeks of young women.

Just like those little feet, the feet of those women we taught today have walked those hard roads too. The roads of poverty, HIV, and early death run rampant here. And yet, the roads of joy driven in by the Gospel hold strongest still. These women are a testament to the transformative power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One of them has more joy than most of the Americans we know combined! They have so much joy in rejoicing in who God is, rather than the tough, tough roads they have walked.

We all have roads that we walk – difficult paths that drive us to fear, heartache, and away from the Lord. Let us learn from our Swazi friends to choose the paths of joy, contentment, and the Gospel. Find joy where you are today. Choose the Lord today and his path to life. You won’t regret it.

Swazi Partnership