We have been undone today. We spent most of the morning with Daran and Theresa Rehmeyer, the founders of Kudvumisa Foundation. All we can even begin to say is, “wow.” We bore witness to the incredible work they are doing here. Their clinic is literally dreams being birthed into reality as you read this. There are walls and tiles and paint and rooms that are going to touch the lives of many in the northeast. Their guest house is a shell — waiting to be filled with guests helping provide sustainability for their healthcare and economic ministries.


If we could bottle up this feeling, we would. This vision of being called. These dreams that are becoming realities.Today we have been moved to our knees by the Lord and his work here in Swaziland. We’ve seen vision taking shape in each of us for our lives, for our call here to this country, and our passion has been ignited into flames. We’ve seen a movement in ourselves, in our team. The ground we’ve talked today and this week is holy. Holy moments.


As we drove over the border today, we without a doubt left our hearts on the other side of it. We’ve left our hearts in Eswatini. We’ve left our hearts in Mbabane. In Nhlangano. In Tshaneni. It’s dirt has gotten into our skin. It’s people have bored holes in our hearts. It’s beauty will not leave us anytime soon. Pray for us as we begin to sort out the emotions and the experiences we’ve had. We covet those prayers, as we need time to hurt. To let those files burn. To bottle up these feelings. To remember. To breathe slowly.


Father, we need you now more than ever. Soothe our broken hearts. Help us take our love home. Allow us to be undone. Amen.


Swazi Partnership