There’s No Place Like It

Walking through that security checkpoint into Eswatini — there’s just nothing like it. It feels so foreign and like home all in the exact same breath. After a lengthy drive from JoBurg today, we have finally, FINALLY arrived in Swaziland!


After settling in at the Mountain Inn, we had a lovely evening dinner with both old and new friends alike including the Rehmeyers, Gogo Sandu, and Nono. What a SWEET time! Catching up with old friends is always a treat in Swaziland and meeting news ones can often lead to strong, solid relationships. We loved getting to eat and be merry with all our Swazi friends. We don’t take this time for granted!


7 out of 8 of our team members have been to Swaziland at least once. In so many ways, the feelings of nostalgia and homecoming have crept in as we’ve slowly made our way here; it is a homecoming for many of us. Whether you’ve been to Swaziland once or have served months or years on the field here, you know what we mean. Swaziland has a feeling about it — that feeling that wraps you up, like a warm hug from a sweet friend or a cool breeze on a warm summer day. It doesn’t take but a few sweeping mountain views, a couple of speed bumps and some cows in the road to remember the work that has been done here by the Lord, the change He has made in us, and the beauty that is the Kingdom of Swaziland.


God is doing a work here. We’ve seen the cloud of witnesses tonight in our friends and family who are working so diligently for the Lord here. They are taking up their crosses and following Him day in and day out, working as God has intended them to and following his lead. This week, we intend to do the same. To follow in the footsteps that the Lord directs and of the deep 25 year history of this ministry. We’re here to taste and see the Lord is good, and to witness His work in our home. We intend to love our friends as deeply as we can, for as long as we can, with as much love as we can. We expect to see God move.


So tonight, we’re reminiscing of so many years gone by in this country with our friends. So many years of ministry and laughter and joy and lives changed. So many of you have been apart of it. We urge each of you, take a moment tonight to reflect on how Swaziland has changed you. Laugh, cry, write, talk, sing, but most of all: remember. Take heart, brothers and sisters, God is moving and shaking Eswatini. We’re glad to be home.

Swazi Partnership