Rough Starts

Well folks, this is NOT how we anticipated today going for the start of our summer Swaziland trip.

After a delayed flight at RDU, a missed connection at IAD, MANY many hours of time spent on hold with airline agents on the phone, and some very special people providing hope along the way, the team is settled into a Hilton in Washington DC for the night, and will be flying out Friday night to Johannesburg.


Good news: all 8 of us are on that flight together! Bad news: we’ll miss the better part of two full days of ministry in Swaziland. To those of you who are working in the background stateside coordinating our trip, we’re grateful for the countless hours you’ve put in today and will put in tomorrow to rearrange our schedule and make it all happen. Your contributions do NOT go unnoticed and we’re so thankful.


As we curl up into our beds tonight in a very different place than anticipated this morning, many emotions dance across our minds. There’s twinges of sadness and despair at missing out on opportunities for ministry. There are many emotions of exhaustion already as the waiting game is slowing to a crawl. Yet it’s still there, that one feeling: anticipation.


Anticipate (v): to expect; to look forward to; to be sure;. This definition is so fitting tonight. We were expecting one thing, but God gave another. We look forward to the days ahead traveling to Swaziland. We’re sure of God’s gracious provision over us. We’re anticipating and we’re ready. We’re breathless awaiting the arrival of that moment we step into a country we love so dearly.


In this moment of anticipation, we’re praying for preparation. God is preparing up for this trip, for the ministry to come, and the God’s hand is truly at work among us, even when it seems difficult to see in days like today. He’s asking us to wait, to draw near to His throne of grace here, and to sit at the feet of Jesus and anticipate. We plead with you to pray alongside us, join us in asking God to continue to cultivate our hearts. God, breathe new life into us; prepare us for the journey ahead. Without your presence, we are nothing. We need you to move among us and to prepare us for the road ahead. Amen


Swazi Partnership