Passing the Torch

We’re finally off! After a leisurely morning (well deserved, especially to our drivers Jimmy and Paul) we headed to Ezulwini to pick up a few souvenirs, view the candle factory (a fan favorite) and grab some lunch. We had a great time shopping and seeing all the different amazing crafts! We then gassed up and headed to Nhlangano, our hub for ministry this week. We’ll be staying here through Thursday evening.


To be honest with you all, we did get a little lost. Well, a LOT lost. BUT we did manage to make it in the nick of time for revivals services. We have two groups for revivals – Jimmy and Archer both preached tonight, a gift in itself. There’s nothing quite like the pride of watching a parent pass the torch to their child. Archer did a fabulous job at Thunzini, while Jimmy preached just as excellently at Matsenjeni. What a gift!


On the way home, however, the Thunzini crowd got a little stuck. After running over a hidden stump in some tall grass, Paul came to the rescue by jerry rigging a wire through the grill of the van to hold up the parts we tore up! Honestly, a 30 minute stop in the middle of a 40 degree night in the pitch black backwoods of Swaziland doesn’t seem so hot. But even gifts abound here! We saw those Swazi southern stars that are so unbelievably gorgeous! We spent time with our friends who were dropping off, and we laughed and worshipped the God of this universe in the middle of the night full of stars in Swaziland.


Tonight, we witnessed the passing of many torches. As this ministry of the Swaziland Partnership grows and thrives in the Kingdom of Eswatini, those of us who are newer, who grew up in this ministry, who have fallen in love with the people of Swaziland at such a young age have to pick up the torch. It’s our ministry too. God’s love for the people of Swaziland drives us, and we must pick up our crosses here and follow Him. In the same light, we passed the torches (the flashlights) as we try to overcome a stumpy road block and broken vans. What a simple reminder that God is always in control no matter the circumstances, no matter what we must overcome.


We’re pickup our torches here tonight — and we’re hoping you will join us. We continue to ask you to pray for us and to help us grow and thrive both individually as our friends and family and as a ministry. We’re so grateful for each of you and for being in this beautiful place. We love you all!


Swazi Partnership