Swing of Things

Getting into the swing of things can often be a challenge, especially in a new culture and place. After a full meal breakfast, the team headed off to Hawane Baptist for our second day of Youth Leader’s Retreat!

Jimmy gave an incredible talk, followed by a fun time of games and laughing! Hanging out with the Swazis is one of our favorite activities!

After another awesome talk from Jarred, our team split into girls and guys and spent time answering the questions of our fellow Swazis. This was a special time of discussion, as we found we are so relatable to each other!

After lunch and some fun at a local mall, we came back to our guest house for some much needed R&R, and headed back out for another round of Youth Leader’s Retreat! What a time! Singing, dancing, testimonies, preaching, and tears!

We are so thankful for getting to spend this weekend with the generation of Swazis leading the church!

Prayer Requests:
Rest. Our team is still not quite on Swazi time, and combined with 15 hour days, this is becoming quite the challenge. Tomorrow will be our first moment of down time and we are thankful for it!
Church tomorrow. We will be attending three churches tomorrow, one of which is new to the fold! Praise God! Our friends, the Allen family, will also be returning to their home church in Swaziland, Hawane Baptist. Pray for them as they encourage their Swazi friends, and receive love!
Youth Leaders. After watching our friends this weekend, we are so excited for the generation of youth in the kingdom of Swaziland. Pray that their hearts are continually encouraged by the Word, and they will return to their home churches with the message of the gospel!

We’re so thankful for each of your prayers and thoughts and sweet messages! We miss you all!

With peace and tranquility,

The Swaziland Partnership

Swazi Partnership