Fire of Revival

“When somethings burns you, you remember it.” The fire of revival is burning in Swaziland. What a testament to God’s grace! We’re getting to witness it firsthand, and we are so thankful.


Tonight we went to church! After a arduous drive to Tshaneni (the northern area of Swaziland), we spent the afternoon on the small game park where we are staying and resting as a team. After a quick dinner, we headed off to Vuvulane for church!


The Lord MOVED tonight and we saw four souls get saved! Praise God! Brother Jarred brought the word of the Lord to the room, speaking on revival of the flame of our hearts. He challenged us all in many ways, but a few stick out.


`If you feed your flesh, you will starve the fires of God.” He challenged us to sacrifice everything we have to fan the flame of the Gospel in ourselves. With the spirit moving, he asked us just to consider, “We have to stop playing church. We have to go out on the highways and byways and preach the Good News of the Lord.”


We felt called to pass that challenge onto you tonight. We pray that you feed the fire of God in your own heart. Fan the flame of the Gospel. Ignite your heart for Jesus. Ask yourself, “are you walking with God? Are you sacrificing everything for him?”


We pray over each of you to know the Lord. We pray that you would know the fire of God, and that it would reignite. We want to bring home the fire of Swaziland to America. We want to stand in awe of the revival that we see here right at home. Help us fan the flame. Help us bring the spirit of revival to your neighbors, coworkers, family, and friends.


Prayer Requests:

  • Revival. Pray for the revival of Swaziland. Pray that each soul tonight saved would go out and share with others the Good News of Jesus.
  • Swaziland. Pray for this country. Pray fervently that every soul would know Him. Pray that revival would burn here.
  • America. Pray that the fire would ignite in our own country. We want to watch America burn with the Gospel.


We are so thankful for you. Your prayers moved the Lord to bring revival tonight to Vuvulane. We beg you to continue to pray for us and Swaziland, that the coals would become an open flame, and that our hearts would burn for this country, for this land.


Igniting the Night,


The Swaziland Partnership

Swazi Partnership