Stir Affections

As the sun sets over the mountains of Mbabane, we are thankful for another restful, thoughtfully designed day in Swaziland. Today was filled with both emotion and joy, as the team split apart to set out on two very different missions.


This morning was spent in devotion with a local police station, which was a huge success. After sharing both testimony and the Word of God, we were invited into the station commander’s office, where we were able to pray over him and present him with a Bible! He then gave us a tour of the facility, and had tea and biscuits waiting for us! What an honor and treat!


After a lovely morning, the majority of the team spent today resting, visiting both the candle factory and some local markets for souvenirs! This brought rest and relaxation to our team, which has been nonstop since we landed in Swaziland. Swaziland has both beautiful crafts and gifts, and we look forward to bringing them home.


The rest of the team traveled south to Nhlangano, the southern most city of Swaziland. Although different groups from different churches travel to Swaziland over the course of a calendar year, we often don’t get to visit every single person and friend we love in Swaziland. We were able to visit some of our friends in Nhlangano, those who have translated and loved our ministry for many, many years. Although this was a treat, it was also bittersweet for all who went. Many tears were shed, both happy and sad, and words of encouragement and hope were shared. These kinds of discipleship moments are key for our ministry in Swaziland, and we hope to bring peace and love to all who we visited.


The theologian Charles Spurgeon often spoke of “stirring affections for Jesus.” For many of us today, our affections were stirred for the Lord. Sharing with our Swazi friends is a gift, each and every time. We pray that you are all encouraged and that your affections are stirred by our stories and thoughts from Swaziland!


Prayer Requests:

  • Hope. Seeing old friends for a moment is a bittersweet time. Pray for each of us who went to Nhlangano today, that our hearts would not be troubled, but we would find hope in the Lord tonight.
  • Homestead Visits. We will be traveling to Lesibovu tomorrow, and delivering supplies. Pray for the team and the homesteads we will visit, that the Gospel would be preached and hearts would be stirred towards Christ!
  • Our leaders. As the week moves on, our adult leaders are beginning to feel the strain of driving  8+ hours days and planning strategically for the whole team. Pray for their rest!
We covet your prayers! We are so thankful for each and every one! Continue to pray for us please!
With great anticipation,
The Swaziland Partnership



Swazi Partnership