And it finally happened. Our first flat tire. This morning, instead of traipsing through Kruger, we spent it at a tire shop, getting a small hole on a tire fixed. Even in this moment, Christ is good.

After this quick interlude, we traveled onto Kruger. What another day of sights! Baby giraffes, lots of elephants, zebra, impala, and two cheetahs!

Driving lends itself to reflection. And as we drive, we’ve been reflecting even more on what our transition back to the States holds for us. We are marveling at the last few weeks of ministry, and God’s graces. We’ve been renewed in God’s spirit, more than ever before. This process of renewal has led to Christ revealing himself to us over and over and over again.

Yet, Christ is continually renewing us. He’s sanctifying us, he is refining us by his fire. Our time in Africa draws to a close, but God is still renewing us. We pray to bring a new boldness home. A renewed belief in God’s faithfulness.

We’ve taken a long draw of water from the Well of Life. We’ve tasted the tree of Life from the Garden. We’ve awed and marveled at God himself. At his graces. At his goodness. At fresh new mercies every morning.

But now it’s time to come home. To bring our renewal to those we love most. Revival begins with a few. Jesus began with 12. The 12 became 70. The 70 became the thousands of Acts. The thousands became the multitudes.

Father, Let it start with us. Let revival be found in the renewing of our spirits. Let us share with those we love most in this life the fire of revival. Let us heed the call to go. We’ve tasted and seen you are good and now it’s time to share. Give us boldness. Give us revival.

In Christ we Pray,


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