Coming home is often an indescribable feeling. What was once familiar can seem changed and different. But coming home to Swaziland? An entirely different experience. Pure joy. That’s where it begins.







After spending the evening at BIMS last night (with a multitude of issues, including no water for showers or bathroom, and losing a passport) the team set of this morning to Mbabane.


We’re now in Swaziland, praise God! After checking into our guest house, and FINALLY taking showers (after three days!) we headed off to Hawane Baptist Church for our first evening of Youth Leader’s Retreat. What a gift!


Being welcomed into arms that are known is an immeasurable gift. With love all around, we began our retreat with a time of fellowship, a game, and an amazing message from Greg. We split into groups and discussed our sin struggles, which are really not so different from the Swazis.


The highlight of the night was watching two of our Swazi friends sing and play guitar. Hearing the voices of “How Great is Our God” ring through the tin roof of Hawane Baptist is an incredible experience and one we did not want you to miss, so we’ve include it below!

Prayer Requests:


  • Exhaustion. As of posting, it will be close to 1AM in Swaziland, which means exhaustion is at hand. With an early start tomorrow, we will not receive a lot of rest tonight. Pray for our team to rest deeply and well, and to remain patient with one another through the eyes of exhaustion.
  • Leader’s Retreat. Pray for our Swazi brothers and sisters who are with us this weekend! Pray for spiritual awakening, healing and rest for our friends. Pray that Gospel changes hearts!
  • Our ministry. As various members of our team, teach, preach, share, and meet, pray for God to use our our hands and our hearts to grow the Kingdom in Swaziland!


We miss you all! We thank you for your continual prayers!


Goodness Abounds,


The Swaziland Partnership

Swazi Partnership