Heartbreak and Jesus go hand in hand. As we fall more in love with Jesus, our hearts tend to break harder and harder for those who don’t know Him. As we traversed Swaziland today, our entire team broke for this nation, broke for these precious, precious people.


After a morning breakfast, we traveled to Lesibovu for homestead visits and Bible Study. The morning was spent introducing the team and encouraging the  members and pastor of Lesibovu. As it always happens in Swaziland, they encouraged us more than we encouraged them! Their hearts were so good to us, and we left humbled by their words.


Homestead visits were both heartbreaking and joyful. We saw a few decisions for Christ, praise God! It is a joy to see new souls won the Kingdom, knowing that we will see our new friends in Ezulwini (siSwati for Heaven)! Bible study was also a huge success for the men and women who stayed, and some of the youth played with some local children!


“I left my heart in Swaziland, and I had to come back  and get it.” Swaziland just has a way of doing that, doesn’t it? If you’ve traveled here, you know that firsthand. If you haven’t, ask God if He is calling your heart here. As our hearts are breaking for this nation, we pray that your join us in prayer to the Father, that God would bring the whole Kingdom of Swaziland to the Kingdom of God.


Prayer Requests:

  • New Converts. Pray for the souls who have made decisions for Christ this week. Pray for their spiritual nourishment, as they are infants in their walk. Pray they become strongly rooted in God’s word!
  • Physical Needs. Pray for the physical needs of the people of Swaziland. They are so very prevalent, and the communities we are working in are often the poorest of the poor. Pray that God would continue to meet the physical needs of the people here.
  • The team. Tomorrow is our last full day as a team, as some will be breaking off to visits their friends in Swaziland. (those who have lived here previously.) Pray that we would relish the friendships we have formed, and not take these last precious moments for granted.


We’re so thankful for your continued prayers, encouragements, Facebook and Instagram comments, and love. We are so encouraged by those of you who are in the States praying fervently for us. Continue to pray for us, and we’ll see you soon!


Letting the peace of Christ rule our hearts,


The Swaziland Partnership


Swazi Partnership