God is Moving

We’re so thankful for another amazing day in Swaziland! We are awestruck by how God is moving. As we sit surrounded by so many of our friends at dinner this evening, we are acutely aware of God’s presence among us and his unfailing love!


Today we traveled to Peace and Ntsintsa Churches, for homestead visits! After splitting into two groups, we traveled to many homesteads, delivering needed food and supplies. We shared the gospel and saw one woman come to Christ! Praise God!


In this particular homestead visit, the team went up and the family got mats out for the team and told them to sit in the chairs while the family sat on the mats. What an honor. While one member started explaining Jesus and the Gospel to the family, and shared scriptures in Romans. After being asked if they knew or had accepted Christ, two had not. We asked them if they wanted to accept Christ, and they said yes! Praise God! One of the ladies said she felt guilty and that God sent our team as messengers today, and once she accepted Christ, she felt relieved. These are the kinds of stories that bring us all to Swaziland, and we are so thankful to see God moving among the people here!


We also visited the hospital today, and got to see our special friend, Nono! What a gift!


On a lighter note, a new game has sprung up among the team, “slap the cow.” If you’ve ever been to Swaziland, you know that cows are a prevalent issue in Swaziland, and often roam the streets completely unattended. The Poe family has created a game, where the person nearest the cow in the road must hang out the window and slap the cow’s behind. If they complete their mission, each person in the car must buy the person a Coke! We had three successes today, Greg, Hannah P., and Maggie all managed to slap cows today! A little dangerous, but also a LOT of fun!


We’re so thankful for your prayers. Please continue to pray for us as we visit and share with these wonderful people. We thank God for them!


Prayer Requests:

  • Revival. We are praying for revival among the people here. We want the Kingdom of Swaziland to reflect the Kingdom of God. Pray with us!
  • Souls to Christ. We’re praying to see more people come to Christ, and we want you to join us in that! Your prayers are heard, and needed!
  • Safety. Many roads here are dangerous for the vans, and we are being careful, but we always need prayers for safety! Thank you!


We miss you all and hope the you all are well! Thank you for your continued prayers, they do not go unnoticed!


With the Hope of Jesus,


The Swaziland Partnership

Swazi Partnership