African Sunsets

Goodbye never gets any easier. In fact, in Swaziland, goodbye tends to be harder and harder. As we said goodbye to many today, we tasted the bittersweetness of this life. We beheld the faces of those who we may never see again in this life, but we know we will rejoice with in eternity.


Church today was a combined three services of all the churches in the Northeast. With attendance of over 100, we praised God for nearly 2.5 hours! Jimmy delivered a fantastic sermon on Nicodemus, and many Swazi and American voices were lifted high!


After delivering many of our Swazi friends back to their homes, we came back to our guesthouse and said goodbye to the Allen family, the Poe family, and our great friend, Kuseni Jele. Although we will be going home with some of those, the goodbyes do hurt. This evening we were able to invite the pastors in this area to dinner, and we celebrated and shared with them the amazing things God has done in our time here. Praise God!


As the sun begins to set on our time in Swaziland, we reflect back on all that God has done in our time here. We’ve seen lives changes – both Swazi and American. We’ve witnessed God move in a mighty way all over this country. We’ve beheld grace incarnate in the faces and voices of Swazi Christians. We’ve cried, reveled, and shared in the beauties of the nation and in each other. We’re thankful for the African sunsets, even if they are bittersweet.


Continue to pray for us as we transition to Kruger. We’ll be spending time processing, engaging with God, and sharing our last few moments together. Pray for our rest in the Lord. Pray for our steadfastness in the Gospel. Pray for our transition back to American life. We’ll update you on our adventures there!


Reveling in the Graces,


The Swaziland Partnership

Swazi Partnership