Next Time in Swaziland

One week from today I will be boarding a plane for my second visit to Swaziland.  My first time in Swaziland was in August 2016.  I heard about Wayne and Barbara Myers while attending the Kentucky WMU Annual Meeting in April of 2016.  A couple of years prior I had made the statement that I would love to be able to deliver the BGR buckets.  I hadn’t really thought much more about that possibility until I heard Wayne and Barbara share how the buckets were being used in Swaziland. Again I had the desire to be a part of distributing the BGR buckets.


I am by nature an introvert, but that day while in a small group breakout session with Wayne and Barbara,  I found the courage to ask what I needed to do to be a part of delivering buckets in Swaziland. (I had never heard of Swaziland before that day.) The Myers took my information and before long I was headed to Africa with five others.  That trip was an amazing blessing.  I knew I wanted to return sometime in the future.

I will have to say I was reluctant to say yes when Wayne first asked me to be a part of the February 2018 team.  My first thoughts were about the cost.  Could I afford to go again so soon?  As I prayed about my decision, God clearly spoke through a message my pastor preached: “…Seek My kingdom and My way, and allow Me to provide for you.” (Matt. 6:33) God has definitely been faithful to that promise.  I am so excited to have another opportunity to serve the Lord in Swaziland. I am looking foward to seeing old friends and making new ones.


I learned last trip the essential role of prayer support while serving in Swaziland. So, we covet your prayers.  You can be a vital part of what God wants to accomplish in and through this team.  This time in the comfort of your home. Maybe next time in Swaziland.

Swazi Partnership