Winding Down

Friends –

Another hot one in Swaziland today! We were able to do 8 homestead visits today as well as Bible study and revival. Exhausting but so good! Today’s story isn’t nearly as heart wrenching as the last two but such a sweet memory for me. Each night we have a revival at Zikhoteni, and there’s a large tent they are held under. I sit near the back of the tent and each night this week, two dogs run up! They are just looking for love and probably snacks! I always make sure to pet them and love on them! Tonight they were so happy they chased each other through the grass and wrestled a bit! This has been such a small restful moment for me, and I’m so thankful for our little friends! Jesus loves even the least of these, including our puppy friends!

The Details:

– It’s been very interesting being here as white woman. Many of the Swazi children are scared of me! When we give out dresses, sometimes they run away and cry!

– We’ve driven up and down some of the main roads so many times that I can tell you how long it takes to get to places and where we are!

– According to my Swazi friends, I’ve perfected the Siswati greeting and I can’t wait to show you all!



– God is continuing to allow us to keep pushing through exhaustion! If it was by our own strength, we would have quit, but Jesus has been faithful to us!

– We’ve now fit 11 people into our van! No breaks and no issue! We’ve been able to transport our translators and our friends to and from revival which is a great encouragement to them!


Prayer Requests:

– As our time in the south winds down, pray for our precious time left with our friends. Pray for us to encourage them, and give them all we have left.

– Pray for our hearts as we prepare to leave, pray for a spirit of joy not a spirit of sadness!

– Pray for those visited in homesteads today, that they may come to know Jesus!


As I write this email, all I can think is, “my head is burning with an ache, my skin is fried, and I’m getting car sick typing, and yet the Lord is good.” Even in the midst of our exhaustion and pain, Jesus is giving us sweet rest. “Come to me, all you who are heavy laden and burdened and you will find rest.” If you are heavy laden today, pick us Jesus’ yoke; his burden is light!


Peace to you,

Swazi Partnership