Candles and Cows

Friends –

Today was another fantastic day in Swaziland! Today was our official “sightseeing” day, but (as most of you know I like to do) I was able to sneak in some work as well! The morning began with my interview of Nono, which was so so sweet! She is such a precious gem and I was bound by her story. She is such a testament to God’s grace. After this, we traveled to Manzini, where we visited Manzini Market and another larger market. We then had lunch with some fellow missionaries on the field and one of our Swazi friends, Gogo, and traveled to a local candle factory, which has the most INCREDIBLE candles I’ve ever seen. Although today was just sightseeing, I was able to interview Nono, as well as get some great b-roll of the markets and some of the people. I think these will add textures and details to our story!

Funny Stories:
– (this is from yesterday, but I forgot!) While visiting the glass factory, we were looking at the different items for purchase when Scott managed to KNOCK OVER nearly every penguin on a shelf!! (keep in mind they are glass!) He was such a mess!
– We nearly died again today, but this time by COWS! They tend to run in the street here, and we just missed the oncoming ones! Luckily no one was hurt!

The Details:
– The people here in general don’t mind if you take photographs of them, often they even welcome it. Most people have been fascinated by my cameras, and want to pose for it!
– Well, finally folks, today was HOT. Blistering! I was warned (vehemently, I might add), but our first two days were so mild I didn’t really understand until today!

– Nono was so lovely to hear today. She told Wayne (on WhatsApp) that she already missed our team! We’re hoping to see her later in the week, but we’re not sure. So thankful for her testimony!
– We got 110 Bibles today! We’re going to be giving them throughout the week. This is SUCH a gift in Swaziland, and I can’t wait to share them with our friends here!
– We also we’re able to give away some of the dresses made by the ladies in Washington today! Nono took 20 for a girls preschool in her area, and we gave our missionary friends some as well for their church. We held onto about half for our visits this week, but MANY little girls are going to have new things to wear very soon!

Prayer Requests:
– Tomorrow is Sunday, which means both Wayne and Scott will be preaching in two separate churches, and Stuart and I will both be sharing our testimonies. Please pray for clarity and for wisdom for each of us!
– I will also be conducting a few interviews during our Braai (barbeque) tomorrow; pray for those sharing with me, that they will have wisdom from the Lord himself, and be excited to participate!

That’s all for today friends! So thankful for each of your prayers – in my time in the word this morning, God laid Colossians 4:2 on my heart, “Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving.” I’ve been praying as often as possible for the blessings that the Lord keep bestowing on us! We would love for you to join us!

With joy abounding,

Swazi Partnership