Heat of the Day

Friends –

Today was the prettiest day in Swaziland! The sky was bright blue, the sun was out and shining and it was just gorgeous! Today’s story is another homestead visit – this afternoon while standing around one the churches, Gogo Sibantu suggested we do a BGR visit down the road. So Wayne, Scott, Gogo, Ana Twal, and I loaded up for a “short drive.”  Nearly 10km later down a Swaziland “road” we arrive at a soil path, worse than the usual dirt paths of Swaziland. The car won’t make it —-it’s just not going to happen. So we get out and walk, again just a “short ways. ” A MILE LATER in 90 degree Africa sun, we arrive at a small homestead with two elderly people and a young child. We read scripture, present a Bible and a bucket, and their reactions are such joy! The woman has cataracts and is nearly blind, while the man is suffering from kidney failure. The whole situation is bleak. Yet the Lord is good! We left and then walked back a mile only to find we are parked next to a school that is letting out! The children are yelling at me, “shoot me! Shoot me!” After disregarding my confusion, I lifted my camera and got the most ADORABLE smiling faces on video!! What a special moment!

The Details:

– The sun is HOT. Sweltering, unimaginably hot. We finally experienced it today and Scott and I are both sunburnt!

– These people are SERIOUS about their revivals. We went for TWO AND A HALF HOURS tonight! I’m so tired but it’s so encouraging!

– Per instructions from a very helpful lady (thank you Donna J.!) I brought a big back of hard candy with me! This has been a hit with both the children and the translators! They now ask me daily, “you have sweets today?”



– The revival service was overflowing full today! Praise God!

– We had a leak in our tire today and we only paid 15 rand to fix it! (About $1.50) we all lost no time because there was no wait!

– The van got stuck in a ditch today and it’s still alive! It’s taken a beating, but it’s still running!


Prayer Requests:

– Pray for safe travels, no more flat tires, ditches or scary roads! This is a serous request here!

– Pray for our translators and their abilities! We are thankful for them and do not want to take them for granted!

– Pray for the families we visited today, for their health and their understanding of the gospel!


Everyone on the team wants to send their love and their thankfulness in these emails! I’m the talking head, but I get input from all of them! We love you all and miss you! We’ll be home soon!


In Jesus,

Swazi Partnership