Homesteads and Revivals Abound

Friends –

We made it through Monday! What an incredible day! This morning we left for Maloma, one of the poorest regions of Swaziland. We were able to purchase about $200 of food, and deliver it 7 members of the Bible study this afternoon. While in Maloma, we spent the morning delivering BGR buckets and Bibles to the elderly and sick. Having packed some similar types of buckets stateside, it was an INCREDIBLE experience to see those same buckets, full of American brands and supplies, delivered to a foreign country and unpacked before my eyes. It was so moving for me, and I can’t wait to deliver more! After noon, the team split, and I attended Bible study with our pastor, Scott. He preached for TWO hours! There was so much excitement, and I was able to get some great footage for our site!! After a crazy afternoon, we traveled back to a closer church for a revival this evening. Y’ALL. I wasn’t prepared! This was the most WILD service I’ve ever been apart of. These people love to praise the Lord! I wish we could bring this kind of spirit back to the US!! Overall, it was an incredible day and I cannot wait until tomorrow!!

The Details:

– For those who know me well, you know that I LOVE the sun. I just love it! It’s been overcast here at night, so no sunsets, but tonight we got our first AFRICAN SUNSET. THE SUN IS MORE BEAUTIFUL IN AFRICA. I wasn’t prepared!

– The children are adorable here! I’ve been able to pass out sweets to them, and they get so excited when I pass them a piece of candy!

– Although today was exciting and beautiful, it was also hard. Today was the first day where statistics became real life. The AIDS epidemic is real here. TB is real here. These are diseases that people really live with here. I wasn’t really prepared to meet the dying, to engage with them, to pray salvation for them. It was the toughest moment of the trip for me personally so far.



– The rain stopped! The rain stopped!! Praise the lord!

– The revivals have lights! Sometimes they do here, sometimes they don’t. I was praying for lights so I could film!

– We were able to pass out more dresses to little girls today and they loved them! It was such a pleasure to capture their little smiles!


Prayer Requests

– Pray for the AIDS/HIV epidemic here. There are so many who are sick and dying and in need of the Lord. Pray for both their physical needs and spiritual needs.

– Our whole team’s exhaustion is finally catching up with us. Pray for sweet rest tonight and for soul level peace in the stead of sleep. Pray for patience and humility among us!

– Pray for those we will meet tomorrow, and for our revivals continually!! We want to see many come to know Jesus!


Missing each of you friends! Praying that all is well in the US, and that God is blessing each of you! Stay rooted in his Word!


With much love,

Swazi Partnership