Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Friends –

The time has come. As I write to you from seat 5A of a South African Air flight towards Johannesburg, my heart is in a million pieces. This morning began with interviewing Wayne about his experiences here. What a pleasure and joy to sit and listen to his heart for these people. I’m so thankful for his genuine spirit and humility! After packing up our things and picking up a few people, we headed to a combined service of three churches in the north. What an experience! To see so many believers worshipping the Lord was such a joy (nearly 100!) During worship, we were privileged to witness 9 believers being baptized!! These images might be the most compelling of any in my time here. After saying goodbye to our sweet friends, we raced (and when I say raced, I LITERALLY MEAN RACED at 140kph) to the airport at Nelspruit. I made my flight with THREE MINUTES TO SPARE!! The Lord is good!


And so, here we are. I’m sure the people in the seat next to me think I’m nuts as they watch the tears pour down my face, but my heart is truly broken. I have been so touched by these people, by their hearts, and by their love. The Swazi people have shown me time and time again what it means to have joy in Christ and Christ alone. They have no riches; they have the Gospel and that brings them far more joy than the luxuries awaiting me in the states. If I am able to capture even an 1/16 of that in my film and images and site, then the Lord will have done a work. I’m so thankful for this incredible moving experience —to each of you who has prayed and thought of us, we do not overlook you. You have bathed us in prayer when we needed it most. The Lord listens to the prayers of his people, and I know he heard you on our behalf. My gratitude extends beyond the skies in which I ride.


To those of you who know how I feel in this very moment, you also know that this will not be the last time we see our friends. We may not know them in this life, but we will rejoice with them in eternity. As I reflect on this trip and all I have seen, experienced, and captured, I hold onto that hope —- the hope of eternity. I may or may not ever get to see my Swazi family in this life, but I do know that I will see them soon. I pray that I have done the Swazi people justice in their joy, and I pray that many come to know Jesus in the kingdom of Swaziland!


With the hope of eternity,


Swazi Partnership