Friends –

Today was the WILDEST day in Swaziland yet! It was just crazy! Today’s story is…..a little ridiculous. During one of our homestead visits today, a man was telling us about how thankful he was for the food we delivered because they have been unable to eat due to the drought in the area. While walking back to the car, I prayed to the Lord for rain, to bring food for the people. During another homestead visit today, an elderly lady asked if she could give us a chicken in return for blessing her with a Bible and a BGR bucket. We left, and then an hour or so later, a LIVE CHICKEN arrived at the church!! This chicken’s back end was wrapped in a plastic shopping bag. I go to get in the front seat of the car (for my carsicknesss) and Thulie HANDS ME THE CHICKEN. We have driven nearly and hour and a half to get to this church, and we are going to drive all that distance home WITH A CHICKEN IN MY LAP. In the distance, we hear rumbles of thunder. We’re 30km off the main road. So, I’m holding this chicken and the HEAVENS OPEN. We’re on a dirt road in the middle of the African bush with marble sized hail, cloud to ground lightning literally FEET away, and IM HOLDING A LIVE CHICKEN IN MY LAP. Then we get to a place where a BRIDGE HAS WASHED OUT (there are no rails) and we have to pass. Luckily we make it through that issue. Then we’re slipping and sliding in the mud, our anti locks are failing, and I’m just holding onto a chicken for dear life because what else do I hold onto? The rain slows, we’re out of the woods!! I look down at my lap. THE CHICKEN HAS PEED ON MY LAP. I HAVE CHICKEN PEE ON MY LAP. And all I can do is laugh. Peals and peals of laughter emanate from the van because here we are, praying for rain and the Lord gives it in a mighty way! Also we have not died! The Lord has showered his love on us! I’ve never been so thankful for a shower in my life, and Thulie took the chicken home! Praise the Lord for good meals and ridiculous stories!

The Details:

– In light of that crazy story, today was also an emotional day, as we are leaving for the north tomorrow. We have to say goodbye to all of our friends, and remind them of our love for them. Tears were shed, hearts were poured out, and the love of Jesus shone like the sun itself!

– the drone is the CONTINUAL hit here. I don’t know how to explain it, but the Swazis are ensnared with it! I’ve even let a couple of them fly it!

– Much to the chagrin of my compadres, I’ve worn my Chacos everyday in the African bush and a STRONG Chaco tan/farmer tan to boot! The sunburn is turning!



– Praise the Lord for revivals! We have seen at least 11 come to faith in Jesus in our short time here!! The Lord is good!

– In the midst of the storm however, we are thankful for the rain here to subside the drought!

– We survived this CRAZY week of ministry! Scott preached 12 times, Stuart drove hundreds of miles down wild roads and delivered over 30 BRG buckets and nearly 2500 pounds of food, and Wayne was our fearless leader, making sure we were where we needed to be and when (well, abouts) and really encouraged our friends here in the south!


Prayer Requests:

– Tomorrow I’ll be conducting two interviews in Manzini. Pray that I can continue to capture footage that is insightful and full of the Gospel!

– We’ll be driving to Mafacula tomorrow. Pray for safety and a fun journey!

– On a completely personal note, we are staying at Managa guest house which is on a game reserve. This is my ONE chance to see giraffes since I won’t be traveling to Krueger. PRAY FOR THE GIRAFFES Y’ALL.


These are bittersweet moments as we say goodbye to our friends here. In the same breath, I get to visit you all so very soon and share the God stories I’ve seen and captured which brings me so much joy!

Continually thankful for your prayers and your thoughts. Just a few more days friends!

Bittersweetness means God did a work in this place.

In gentle heart,

Swazi Partnership