Friends –

Our time in Swaziland is drawing to a close, but the adventures are not! Today we packed up and headed out to new places! After a great stop in Manzni with the Pages (a missionary family here) and Gogo Sandu, we headed to the north! This afternoon was all about animal hunting! We saw ostriches (which are very funny creatures in case you were wondering) monkeys, impala, and a kudu! Alas, no giraffes. However, we are going out tomorrow morning before breakfast to look again! We were able to host the pastors in this area for dinner this evening as well and I was able to interview Douglas and Simphiwe, which was a great encouragement to me! Their story is so great, and I cannot wait to share it with you all!


The Details:

– Wayne and Stuart BOTH got speeding tickets today!! They were going 93km in a 60km! In Swaziland, when you get stopped you pay the fine then and there to the officer. The fine was 60 rand and we haven’t let them live it down all day!

– Mugg and Bean really is good y’all! Had some eggs Benedict (my fav!) and what a treat!

– The guest house we are staying in tonight is so cool! It’s a country club and a game reserve with a full restaurant! Very different from our last experience!



– Dinner was encouraging for all of us, and the pastors really enjoyed themselves!

– We saw animals today!!!! In their home country! What a sweet treat!


Prayer Requests:

– Pray for me as I close my time in Swaziland tomorrow. Pray we’re on time to the airport, flights are on schedule, and for everything to run smoothly!

– Tomorrow I will interview Wayne in the morning! Pray that it goes well!

– Pray for our whole team to find rest in the next few days as we close our time on this trip. Going back to the US is hard thing when  you have left a piece of heart in the place you have just been. Praying for rest and belief in the Lord’s faithful and perfect timing!


My heart is hurting but in the best way. The bittersweetness only grows. I cannot WAIT to see all of you, I have missed your lovely presences. Yet, I leave a big piece of my heart in Swaziland. I’ll send one more update tomorrow!


In Christ Alone,



Swazi Partnership