A Stressful and Moving Day

Friends –

It’s Sunday in Swaziland, which means church! Today we attended two separate churches, and I went with Wayne to a small church in Shinselweni. Church in Swaziland is literally indescribable, but frankly, it’s the most spirit filled I have ever felt in my life. The worship is unending, the prayers are tear inducing, and the testimonies of God’s faithfulness are endless. This is truly not something I want to ever forget! After church, we had a braai, which is Siswati for barbecue. We hosted about 20 people, mostly pastors from local Baptist churches and their wives. I think each of them really enjoyed their time, and while we were hosting, I was able to interview Kuseni and hear his story of coming to Christ. I truly wept at what God has done in his heart! I’m so thankful for him, and his testimony of the Lord’s faithfulness!  His parting words on camera, “come to Africa if you want to change lives. Come to Africa if you want to change African lives. Come.” I was so moved, and I know you will all be when you see it!

The Details:
– The rain! It has been incredibly rainy here, and that means dirt roads are becoming MUD roads. I’ve actually never been so terrified in my life, and that’s honestly saying something. (Mom, remember the boats in the Cayman Islands where I thought I was going to fly off? This was way worse, I think I was the color of a sheet!)
– The speed bumps! They are LITERALLY everywhere, and pretty high, so you really do have to slow down!
– After church, all anyone wanted to do today was take pictures!

– Church was such a blessing this morning! At the other church, there were 7 decisions made this morning to follow Christ! Praise the Lord!
– The braai this afternoon went so smoothly and I believe the pastors and their wives were encouraged by each other!
– We didn’t die in the mud today!

Prayer Requests:
– Tomorrow truly starts the meat of our work. Each morning this week, we will be delivering food, Bibles, and basic necessities (through BGR buckets) in rural communities in Swaziland. Pray for guidance, direction, humility, and grace for our team. Pray for the families we visit and to see many come to know Christ through this ministry!
– The afternoons will be spent in Bible study at various churches in the southern region of Swaziland! Pray for decisions for Christ, as well as Scott as he will be preaching each day!
– The evenings will be spent in revivals. This is an important ministry, and I am especially excited for them! Pray for the Lord to be known here!
– Finally, pray for the rain to STOP! I would really prefer not to die in the mud of Swaziland, and it really does make passage to homesteads much, much more dangerous! We are truly praying for it to dry up!

Your continued prayers are so precious to each of us on the team. We are thankful for your continual encouragement and love!  The real work begins now!

With grace and love,

Swazi Partnership