October 2019 Team Update

Sunday – We enjoyed worship with Mgamudze and New Hope Baptist Churches, although we did not enjoy the 110° temperature! There were lots of children and youth at both churches. In the afternoon, we had braai with several pastors and their wives, along with some church leaders. In the evening, Benita and I assembles 60 gift bags for the Women’s Conference, while Jerry and Wayne prepared for Bible Study and revival service.

Monday – This morning we went to Zikhoteni. Jerry shared a Bible Study, Benita taught about hygiene/women’s health, and I shared my testimony. Next we visited a few homesteads for scripture reading and prayer. One of the ladies we visited needed to go to the clinic, so we took her. Wayne kindly and gently helped the clinic see the meed for working this lady in immediately! We then took all of our passengers home, sharing gifts of frisbees, socks, fancy flip flops, caps and sewing kits.

After a brief time back at the guest house, we headed to Thunzini Baptist for revival. We all introduced ourselves, with Wayne going last, introducing himself as Jimmy Johnson!

We enjoyed singing and worshipping with our friends.

We returned to the guest house for supper, a review of the day and looking at tomorrow.

Tuesday – We had a wonderful day. Benita taught Women’s Health, I led a Bible Study on Deut. 6:4-5, and then sang and taught a Bible lesson with the children. We grabbed KFC and ate with the pastor of Thunzini, then went to revival.

Wednesday – Jerry shared a message with the students at Frienson Christian. We then came back, had breakfast, and went to Velebantfu for Bible Study and Women’s Health Education. Revival at Thunzini. Everyone thought this was the last night of revival, but Wayne had scheduled through Thursday, so they were happy to learn we would be returning Thursday!

Thursday – We had Bible Study and Health Education at a homestead this morning. I forget which day, but Wayne joined the gang! We had Bible Study and Health Education at a homestead this morning.Then, we walked for a while in the rain while waiting for the men to return and collect us. In the afternoon, Bible Study and Health Education at at Mgamudze.

Sunday – Sunday morning was an awesome service. Before church, everyone, including the children, helped set out chairs and get things ready. I taught the children’s SS (Zaccheus) and Benita taught youth and adults. Both children’s choir and youth choir sang. Jerry preached. The Spirit of God filled the building! They even prepared food for us to eat after. The muffins and fruit were delicious!

From there, we went through Manzini to collect some ladies from the Women’s Conference who live in the northeast. We brought them with us as we drove to Mananga. On Monday, Benita and I taught Women’s Health and Bible Study at Douglas and Simphiwe’s church, while Jerry taught a men’s Bible Study roadside. We held revival service that night as well.Today, I went with Nomfundo to Shalom preschool. I taught Bible stories, rhymes and songs. They loved the Chicken Dance. I wish I could have taken a video, but the music was on my phone.Wayne, Jerry and Benita went to another church and did Bible Study and Health Education after visiting some homesteads.